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Bed Slave

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Unedited and Unproofed Excerpt.
Copyright Karen Monroe 2005. All rights reserved.

Pax Kellonian 3456 t.c.
Journals of the Ridalin Order
Pg. 1

I begin this story in the bustling markets of Erland-a town of seedy establishments. Here one could usually find the most exotic and invigorating items of leisure. This outlying province, contained in the third quadrant of Deveron, is where most of the merchant star traders come to peddle their wares.

Everything from exotic griffons, pet alligons, and exotic and rare women were sold. Anything could be yours.

One of the more prosperous merchants of the realm was Setal the Barter. Many traders from far-flung planets came to his shows. His erotic tastes in women were legendary and his stall always commanded a large audience.


"Open wide and show them your cunts!"

Setal's gruffly ordered command barely registered in Rayna's ears. She was an old hand at these markets and she knew what the patrons wanted to see.

Easing back until her hips thrust high in the air, she let her thighs fall to either side.

"We want to see their clits. Tell them to open their legs wider." A whiny, nasal spectator called from the left.

Rayna resisted rolling her eyes. She couldn't count how many times she had heard that before. They always wanted to see some clits. It was a natural order to things here. It was lucky she was on the end. Na'yal and Sheeka had to struggle to find the right position, stuck as they were in the middle of her and Keeley.

Shifting her head to the right, she concentrated on the stall selling crystal views across the road, knowing exactly what Setal would say next.

"Touch and view them as is your want."

Fingers and tongues suddenly latched onto her pussy, easing apart her tender folds. Wisps of hair and the soft silk of headscarves rubbed against her legs, the strong smell of musky arousal tingled through her nostrils.

Repeatedly the patrons flicked, licked and sucked on her cunt, teasing the thick creamy juice inside her body to well and spurt.

Breathing deeply, Rayna attempted to dispel her sharp feelings of lust. Though she knew the task would be difficult, especially considering a part of her was tempted to abandon all reason to pleasure. She loved and hated this part and tried to lose herself within the deep recesses of her mind.

Lying upon the table with her legs spread, being purveyed like a piece of primed keton, she should have been embarrassed or disgusted, but she wasn't. She had been sold years ago and had long ago lost the ability to feel ashamed over her circumstances. Why should she? What had befallen her was a universal fate in the Deveron Galaxy. Families sold their sons and daughters to merchants like Setal when they were too poor to raise them. Her father had only done what he thought was best. At least, that is what she always told herself.

Besides, the life of a bed slave was rumored to be better than that of a poor farmer or herder. Houtori were highly priced and if one were skilled enough there was the possibility to achieve a better station.

"I like this one, but she's marked." A smooth and cultured womanly voice sounded near her vagina, disturbing Rayna's thoughts.

"Tis nothing but a scar, Mistress. It will not diminish your pleasure with her."

"I will not pay full price."

"My Lady, Rayna is one of my finest and she comes well trained and highly skilled."

"Still, she is marked. Twelve hundred dinars is too much to pay for damaged goods."

Rayna sighed soundlessly as she listened to Setal trying to explain away her disfigurement. For a second, when she had heard the woman comment on her, a bloom of hope had burgeoned inside. But now as she continued to listen to the depressing words floating about her, all hope began to die, burned away to cinder and ash.

The muscles in her stomach clenched painfully. A slight mist of tears filmed over her eyes. She feared she'd never be sold. Stupid and ignorant superstition would be her downfall.

The mark on her inner right thigh was nothing more than a birth scar. She'd been born with the blemish. Yet most of the patrons who had viewed her in the three years she had been on sale had whispered about it, murmuring behind their hands that she was ill favored somehow. She'd been bypassed more times then she could count in favor of other unmarked females.

The fate of her life didn't bear consideration if she wasn't bought soon. Unsold women were hired out to local Leetils to maintain their stay. The fringe-world brothels were the worst form of service imaginable. Many of their patrons were the seedier, less developed life forms-those that practiced bizarre sexual excesses even the jaded libertines of the free world frowned upon.

This could be her last chance for something beyond that dreaded fate.

Concentrating, Rayna blocked out all the noise from the market place, dulled the sound of the voices drifting in the air and pulsated the flowering bud of her cunt.

Her taut organ rippled and flexed like a blooming star-formed stroke.

The patrons viewing gasped aloud as wetness gathered in her pussy, oozing from the small orifice of her body like a diminutive cascade. The smell of her dewy juices saturated the air with tangy arousal. Waves of heat spread throughout her body and she gave way to the pleasure, opening her mind so her lust spread telepathically.

Rayna hoped her display would entice the woman to buy her. The ming'na was a skill many of the younger girls had yet to conquer, but she'd spent countless hours mastering the levels of the tantra empath, only getting it right a few senights ago.

"She is very talented. Reduce her price by two hundred and I will buy her and the youngest wench."

"We have a deal, Mistress," Setal approved, the greed in his voice apparent.

Breathing deeply, elation bloomed in Rayna's veins. She would not have to face the brothels. The woman would buy her. In a few short minutes, she'd be away from Setal and the markets. She'd be traveling somewhere to a different life-a better place. Green fields like the rolling hills of her homeland flashed in her mind and she could almost feel the blazing warmth from the three suns on her face.

As a houtori she'd been taught to satisfy men and women, but it was a common fact Mistresses were harder to please than Masters. Rayna vowed silently in her mind to be the best bed slave the woman owned, abandoning her dreams to rise above her station through marriage or childbirth.

Any fate was better then becoming a brothel whore.

Rayna wanted to smile and indeed a small flicker of satisfaction flashed across her lips.

* * *

"When we get to the ship you will bathe yourselves. You both smell foul."

Rayna kept her eyes downcast as she trailed behind her rotund Mistress. She had yet to get a good look at the woman. After Setal had made the sale, she'd been collared and ushered forcibly toward the purchase booth. If there was anything the Mistress didn't like she could void the sale and her life would return to the auction blocks or worse.

Although she could see the finely wrought robes covering the woman, Rayna had deferred from looking at her face. Raising your eyes to a superior would bring quick punishment, so she kept her gaze lowered to a point near the woman's breasts.

"What do you think will happen to us?" Sheeka voiced in a whisper, and Rayna could see the stumbling of her feet as they moved through the streets.

Resisting the urge to glance at her friend, she dropped her head till her chin touched her chest. "Hush. Be thankful we've been bought. Things could be worse."

Sheeka whimpered, and immediately Rayna felt contrite. She wanted to reach out, assure her things would be okay, but she didn't have the courage to raise her arms. The Mistress still stood close.

They moved further along in silence as they past a noisy vendor, the smell of putrid, rotting flesh hung pungent in the air.

"Stars! Britally meat. Who would eat this crap?" The Mistress snorted. "Decaying dead tissue? What kind of low life form thinks of this as a delicacy? I must be gone from this place in the soonest. Prepare the ship immediately and find my son. We are leaving here at the earliest opportunity."

Again, Rayna wanted to look up. The bustling streets of the market place stirred around her, causing drafts of air to cool her naked body. But, she dared not look into the eyes she felt crawling about her skin. Collared, with a long golden chain secured to a small hoop directly under her jugular, she was property-and possessions didn't look around.

"Mistress, Lord Forson is not where we left him."

"So where is he?"

Rayna could hear the nervous twitter of a man clearing his throat. "He left, Mistress. He said he wished to visit Valor."

A loud ringing slap echoed amongst the busy street. Unable to stop herself, Rayna looked up in time to see a drop of blood hit the dusty pavement.

"I left strict instructions that I was to be notified if my son left the brothel. I've had the calling crystal on me the whole time." Again, the harsh sound of flesh smacking skin rang in her ears. "Damn fool! I told you I wanted to be informed of my son's movements."

Tears highlighted the servant's eyes and a side of his face was red. "He didn't tell anyone he was leaving, Mistress. I only found out after he'd gone."

"What use are you if you do not know what is going on at all times?"

"Mistress I was watching-"

"Spare me your trivial details, Myle. Just prepare the transport. I will deal with you later." A pair of haunted, pain filled eyes lifted upward, connected with hers. Rayna felt the fury, the overwhelming agony of servitude. It was an emotion she recognized well. She nodded to the servant-to Myle. Maybe in all this craziness she'd found an ally, someone who understood her plight.

Myle nodded back and a sense of ease moved through her. Taking a chance, she grasped Sheeka's hand, holding it firmly.

They would face the coming task as a team. Her, Myle, and Sheeka. This one moment had bonded them together for all time.

Rayna could feel it in her soul.

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Copyright © 2004 Karen Monroe